Determine Your Nutritional Needs With a Health Assessment

If you are looking for more energy to get through the day or to keep up with your children, let Temple Fuel of Fredericksburg, Virginia, provide you with a health assessment and nutritional consulting. Customized wellness programs, which include education on meal planning and dieting, are created to suit the needs of you and your family. Additionally, we provide group and corporate classes and seminars.

Total Health

While working with us, we will develop a diet that is based on the foundations of health. Our team will help you to recognize your problems and take action to eliminate potential negative impacts to your health. In addition to incorporating a nutritionally dense whole foods diet, we will address steps to ensure healthy digestion and hydration. Maintaining the proper levels of blood sugars, fatty acids, and minerals also will be addressed.


Complete an initial assessment for us to evaluate your current health condition and address your concerns. This assessment entails a three-day food journal and a comprehensive nutritional questionnaire. Our state-of-the-art tools enable us to identify your issues easily and effectively. After the assessment, a two-hour follow-up consultation allows us to collaborate on changes you can make to meet your goals.

Apple and Measuring Tape

Nutritional Therapy Consultant

Let us advise you with recommendations for diet change and nutritional supplements. Since every person is different, we offer a customized approach to create achievable goals based on lifestyle and physicality. It is impossible to know how your system will react to different supplements. Adjusts may need to be made for your body to properly accept products and correct imbalances. To being your healthy eating journey, we implement a kitchen detox and grocery shopping trip. Following the initial two-hour consultation, this program incorporates hour-long, monthly follow-ups for three months and phone support.

Family Package

Get your entire family to eat better with a family package. This combined initial consultation is for two people and takes three hours. Follow-up sessions are 90 minutes each.

Premium Services

Enlist our services for six months to see the best results in your overall health. These services include the initial consultation, the two-hour grocery and kitchen detox, and hour-long follow-ups for six months. Phone support is included.